This page used to be a log of all my computer desktops, but I stopped updating it some time in the mid aughts.

Apple DOS 3.3 (September 1984-September 1994)

Motorola 6502, 128KB RAM, 132KB DuoDisk, Applewriter IIe word processor

Windows 3.1 (May 1996-August 1996)

Picture unavailable Intel i386 25MHz, 16MB RAM, 60MB HD, Trumpet Winsock, Netscape Navigator 3.0.

Windows 95 (August 1996-October 1998)

Intel Pentium 133MHz, 24MB RAM, 1.2GB HD, Netscape Navigator 3.0.

Red Hat Linux 5.2 (November 1998-June 1999)

Intel Pentium 133MHz, 64MB RAM, 1.2GB HD, fvwm95 window manager, Applixware Office 4.4.1, Netscape Navigator 3.04.

Red Hat Linux 7.2 (June 1999 - April 2003)

AMD 266MHz, 64MB RAM, 4GB HD, qvwm window manager, Netscape Communicator 4.78

Red Hat Linux 9 (April 2003-200?)

AMD Athlon 1900+, 256MB RAM, 60GB HD, GNOME desktop environment, Mozilla 1.4 web browser, OpenOffice 1.0.2, mplayer 0.90.